Edge of the Shadow at 99 cents. Whoot! One of the biggie ebook promoters has EOS in the spotlight, thanks to the wonderful people at ePublishing Works!

Here’s your chance to buy my brilliant ghost story for not much and to read it in anticipation of the second installment, A Signal Shown. The books are categorized as horror, but they’re more paranormal mystery, and who doesn’t enjoy that?

I’m working away on the third Wisdom Court book,  All In Bad Time and scaring myself as I write. As I sit in my garret, the sounds in our old house are more noticeable when I’m describing a spirit desperate to communicate with one of the characters. A creak of the stair or a rattle from one of the lower floors incites an extra shiver, and I glance over my shoulder, wondering if that shadow behind me has moved since the last time I looked.

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