jetty sunriseSometimes life presents situations you can’t get around. Sometimes you can only go through, dread growing along the way. It’s been that way around here for awhile.

Our daughter has been increasingly ill for years now, with ovarian cysts, worsening migraines, and now trigeminal neuralgia. She lives in a sea of pain with islands here and there to rest on. The islands are getting smaller and less frequent.

Soon she will leave for a headache/pain management hospital in Michigan where the staff will give her intravenous drugs to determine which mixture is most effective in treating the migraines. As you can imagine, we are hoping this experiment will enable her to reclaim her life.

Why am I writing about this now? To ask for your good vibes, prayers, and kind thoughts that Misty will get better. Sometimes just knowing people are hoping on your behalf can have a positive impact. I’m looking for all the positive I can find for my girl.

Peace, friends.