Walking into another story…


I’m back at my computer, mind reasonably clear, determined to walk through a door of my imagination into another story. Sometimes it’s the hardest thing in the world to let the dust settle from a completed project.

All in Bad Time, Book Three of the Wisdom Court series, came out mid-December. The customary post-partum respiratory bug took hold, and it’s taken a while to run its course.

I had a plan (see previous blog post, Happy New Year, Readers). I’ve begun three different short pieces about further events at Wisdom Court, but haven’t finished any. Yet.

Today is the day I find the words and shape the scenes. Today my characters will take life again and find the next pieces of the story.


E-book of Edge of the Shadow on tiny sale at Amazon


Bargain basement price of $3.82 (as opposed to $3.99) at Amazon. Why? Dunno. Maybe they have an oversupply of electrons and decided to whittle the amount accordingly.


This is your chance to venture into the ghostly world of Wisdom Court, where women go to pursue their dreams.




Horror can lie behind the ordinary…


Horror is all around us, waiting to be seen, waiting to be discovered in the most banal of circumstances. In the walk down the old stairs to the basement where the washing machine and dryer squat side-by-side, mouths closed…for now. That silence into which the drip-drip of fluid sounds…where is it coming from? Is it blood? No, it’s a leak from the water heater, in it the knowledge that the warm ablutions are no more until treasure has been spent, until the moldering body of the old heater has been dragged out into the forest to be buried secretly before dawn.

The odd silence on the third floor grows thicker as the minutes pass. The  heaviness of it weighs down the soul, and soon memories of past transgressions, of deeds left undone, consume the spirit and force a bitter review of the doors closed to redemption. Who knew how many clothes remained unfolded, away from their proper places?

Let me listen to the howl carried on the wind rather than the speeches made by souls sold for power…too soon? Let’s move on.

Not just blood, not just fear lie in wait for the wary. Our lives proceed down neat paths until the way is overcome with putrid vegetation and the unending tasks of the damned. April is coming, and we know why it is the cruelest month.

Stay with February, Women in Horror Month. Come join us to relish in the power of horror, in the particular force of the female perception of what makes us scream. See what we have for you at #wihm8.

Join us.


Happy New Year, Readers !


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So I’m a little late. What are a few days among friends?

I’m trying to get my fingers moving, get my brain tumbling, get some words on the page. It’s snowy today, and very cold, so my primary impulse is to wrap up in a blanket and sip cocoa while I read what someone else has written. But what about my characters? The ones I set up a few weeks ago and left looking around, wondering what was to happen to them next. They sit there still, no voices, no ideas, no nothin’.

What I had in mind is to follow a thread about what occurs at Wisdom Court now. The three books containing the story arc I began with are now sitting on the bookshelf. (And available as e-books and trade paperbacks at Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Google, and God knows where else.)

What happens at a women’s institute when everyone there admits the place is thoroughly haunted? Sure, they found out why so many terrifying events happened, and how it all got started, but now what?

Don’t you think there would be a long line of spirits wanting their stories told? After all, the way ghosts are usually laid to rest is to find out why they’re ghosts–what evil in their lives made them hang around after they died. Who cares if that creates problems for Wisdom Court as a place where women can come spend a year working on whatever they want to do–have always wanted to do–completely supported financially and emotionally? Ghosts have rights! They deserve to have their stories told.

So the plan: provide a forum for the ghosts, pay attention to them, aid them on their way to the Other Side. Surely the women of Wisdom Court wouldn’t mind helping in their spare time. It’s true that being surprised by entities not totally in control of their abilities to communicate might be a little off-putting. Suddenly seeing an image in the mirror not belonging to the person looking at herself would cause some upset. There are worse things.

I would write the details of these encounters and perhaps collect them in an anthology at the end of the year. A noble goal, right? Well, sure, if I can get my brain functioning, my fingers typing, my will cranked up and humming.

Brrr.  It’s cold up here in my garret. I’m assuming that’s because of the snowstorm. I’m alone here except for my noble cat, Oreo. She hasn’t given any indication of other…persons…being present.

I’m going downstairs to put the kettle on for some cocoa.

Love that word: bestseller

9781614176459For the last three days the first of my Wisdom Court books, Edge of the Shadow, has been featured on Bookbub. My book sales on Amazon, at least, have soared, and the book hit # 1 on Amazon’s Ghost Thriller list on Sunday night. It’s still there despite a slight decline in numbers, so I’ve been relishing my sparkly new status.

If any of you want to get hold of Edge of the Shadow at the bargain price of 99 cents, go to Bookbub https://www.bookbub.com/books/edge-of-the-shadow-by-yvonne-montgomery which has an amazing array of books available. Also, here’s a link to Amazon. http://amzn.to/2hs7U33  The second book, A Signal Shown, is on sale for $2.99. Ooh! And today is launch day for book 3, All in Bad Time, at $3.99.

As always, I’ll provide you with copious amounts of gratitude if you’ll write a review after you’ve read my deathless prose. Even if you only award stars (five are great) and say, “I like this book a lot,” that counts as a review. No English teacher will look over your shoulder to catch dangling participles. You’d be amazed at how important those reviews are.

Off I go to brag to more people about my being a bestseller. Love that word.

And November has never felt so long…


I’m baaaaaaack. I’ve been nursing my psychic wounds (my candidate lost) along with the respiratory virus that will not let go. I almost feel compelled to write a horror movie screenplay to destroy the thing, but haven’t had the energy. And now we’re near Thanksgiving and the swoop into The Holidays.

Good news: I corrected the galley proofs for Wisdom Court Book 3, All in Bad Time. The cover’s been set and we’re getting close to liftoff. Of course I’ll let you know when. I’m excited and hope you readers out there are, too.

Life goes on, my mom always said, and Scarlett O’Hara chimed in with “Tomorrow is another day.” I hope all of you are well and busy with creative projects. I’m planning to continue posting more often since I developed a taste for it during the Halloween marathon. Here’s to a wonderful Thanksgiving for us all. 998584-195

1 Day of post-Halloween anticlimax…and (a) Prize-winner!



Well, here we are, stuck with the mess. It was a good party, though, right? I enjoyed “31 Days of Spooky Stuff,” though there were a couple of days when my brain was very much like an empty vat. I learned I can write about stuff–or find a good piece someone else will share–even with a dreadful virus dragging me down, always a useful bit of knowledge to have. And, best thing ever, I had six people commenting on various posts–a record for me. You’re all wonderful, highly intelligent and sensitive to the Halloween zeitgeist. It was fun.

I put your six names on small pieces of paper and dropped them into a bowl. After much shaking and mixing, I pulled out a name: Christine Valentor! Yes, the author of Halloween Jack, published on Day 21. Now, considering that Christine ended up being the author of a piece for “31 Days,” my panel of judge said I should consider pulling another name. Why? To allow for a winner who was solely a commenter. (The panel of judge has firm ideas. Commenters are highly valued here at Writer in the Garret.) I closed my eyes, pulled out a piece of paper, and read the name: Shyla Fairfax-Owen!

So, we have two winners! That’s the good news. The bad news is that while I’ve had my fingers crossed for weeks, I’m still waiting for the third book to be finished by my publishers. They have promised early November. Since the third book, All In Bad Time, is being published as both an e-book and a trade-paperback, I’m a little fuzzy on the exact date I can get the paperback to the winners.

Here’s my question, winners. Do you want me to send you the first two Wisdom Court books now? I can easily do that, and then send the third as soon as it arrives. If you’d rather wait to receive all three at once, that’s fine, too. All you have to do is give me your postal addresses at my email: yvonne.montgomery@gmail.com and let me know your preference. Your wish is my command!

To the rest of you, I will let you know ASAP when I find out the publication date for All In Bad Time. I’m hoping we’ll start out with reduced prices as the book is launched, or possibly lower prices for the other two. I will let you know what the plan is. (I will also beg and plead for all of you to write reviews for my books, which will make my panel of judge happy.) Thank you all so much for getting into the spirit of “31 Days…” I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have.

Happy November! It’s going to feel weird not writing a post about Halloween tomorrow. Maybe I’ll write one about something else. We’ll see.


31 Days of Spooky Stuff, October 31: Happy Halloween





We’ve looked at many aspects of Halloween this month, most of them spooky. We’ve whistled past some graveyards, viewed some monsters born of All Hallows Eve. We’ve read a spirited story (get it?) by Denver author Douglas D. Hawk called “Moonlit Dream Girl.”

We read the story “Halloween Jack” by Christine Valentor, and better understand why we see his image everywhere on All Hallows Eve. We traveled to haunted places in the U.S. where ghosts still shift among historic buildings in CR Richards’ “Halloween Blog Hop.”

We curled up with a bag or two of Halloween candy (bought purely to sample for good quality, right?) while we watched old favorite movies that still make us shudder or give us bursts of nervous laughter.

Why is it we wish each other Happy Halloween? What does it even mean? That you hope people have fun scaring each other? That dressing in costumes will help you avoid the evil spirits out and about on Halloween night? That we’ll all get bunches of candy we shouldn’t eat to help us get to Thanksgiving? That all of us will enjoy our humanity just a little more by wearing that costume, by giving that handful of candy to a child, by remembering old magic in our cells, where it lives under our work clothes and serious expressions?

Maybe magic can be reignited by following rules learned in childhood, by showing our true identities–only for a short while–and by feasting on the food of the spirits for a night to protect us from evil.

Thanks to everyone who participated in “31 Days of Spooky Stuff.” Hope you get good candy.

You can still enter the drawing (to be held late tonight) to win signed copies of my Wisdom Court books: Edge of the Shadow; A Signal Shown; All In Bad Time.

The winner of the drawing will be announced tomorrow.