Caitlin Kessner,  face paint artist

In looking through the thicket dividing this week from next, I see the 4th of July waiting with a smirk on its face. Already.

When we get to the 4th, time slips into high gear and we zoom like helpless pilgrims in a roller coaster right toward August. And August is almost fall, and the whole damned summer is over. No.

As I’ve been threatening since sometime last year, I have finished A Signal Shown, Book Two of the Wisdom Court novels, and Book One, Edge of the Shadow, as well as Book Two will be epublished as soon as the eformatting is finished and the covers are created. So there. It took longer than I thought it would, but life got in the way, as life so often does, and what’re you going to do–stiff life? No.

So slow the hell down, June! I’m writing sales copy and blurbs for both WC One and Two, while, in the shadows, Book Three looms and lurks on alternating days. It’s very distracting and scary to boot. I’m also supposed to come up with some artful posts here and there to tweak the interest of potential readers, write reviews so others will reciprocate, and get the house clean before the health department shuts us down. Did I mention the garden? Oh, never mind. I must have time to deal with everything, and the only way that’s remotely possible is if July simply crawls by. That’ll happen, right?