Wisdom Courtyard

Date: Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 1:13 PM
Subject: My Spiritual Makeover
To: Court@wordpress.com

Hello Wisdom Court Manager,

I understand you are the source of granting wishes of women who want
to spend a year on a creative project of their choice.  If so, I am
submitting a proposal for my project, hoping that I will find at
Wisdom Court the space, time and support I need to do My Spiritual

Sometimes I feel lonely and miss the women I have known throughout my
life, both raising children and plying my trade in the workplace.  I
used to look forward every day to showing up and exchanging thoughts
and feelings about the challenges and triumphs of everyday life in the
trenches.  That’s the hardest part of having left the full time job in
exchange for my sanity.  But there’s a price to be paid and the
sacrifice of a sense of belonging and community.  That’s what I’m
hoping to find at Wisdom Court.

When I heard of Wisdom Court, I began to imagine what fun it would be
to once again be back in the company of working women as I went about
my day.  I imagined sharing meals and conversing about how each of us
was progressing in a leisurely, supportive environment.  I saw a
large, rambling house with a courtyard, and a flowing fountain right
in the middle.  I envisioned a wide veranda with Adirondack chairs and
a screened-in porch for relaxing at dusk before dinner.  And then I
wondered, “What am I waiting for?”

So here is my proposal.  I want to create a life centered around
Spirit and read, write and pray with the same ferocity and fervor I
exchanged in the workplace for my daily bread.  I want to delve deep
into the mysteries of my own soul, so that someday I might accompany
others on their spiritual journeys. I want to study Sacred Scripture
and learn contemplative prayer.  All the things I set aside for 40
years so I could make a living.  I do not undertake this as an easy
undertaking, but rather the most challenging, as it means letting go
of some habits I had acquired while I lived life in a rush.

Now I will need to surrender approval seeking of my boss and clients
for periods of silence and solitude.  I could do this much better if I
knew I had “Sisters of Mercy” who could inspire me to keep going when
I lose momentum and want to give up.  Without this support, I fear I
will run back into the open arms of employers whose wages will tempt
me to put off this project when I feel the time is now.

If my proposal is accepted, all you women of Wisdom Court will have my
love and support in exchange.  I look forward to sharing with you all
the joy of the journey.

Betsy Cox

4 thoughts on “Wisdom Courtyard”

  1. Me too.

  2. Linda Moran said:

    In the last week I have read all four of Yvonne Montgomery’s books. I love them! Cannot wait for the third book in each series. I live in Cheyenne Wy and can relate to the place settings immediately. I have never read a ghost story but absolutely could not put the wisdom court books down. Thank you so much.

    • Yvonne Montgomery said:

      Thanks very much, Linda. I’m so glad you enjoyed the books. The third Wisdom Court book, All In Bad Time, is coming out late this month or in early November.

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