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Book One

Greetings, gentle readers.  As promised, my two mysteries, Scavenger Hunt and Obstacle Course, are now available at the Kindle Books section of Amazon.com.  And if i can figure out how to do it, I’ll show you the covers … Look!  I figured out how to do it!

These are the first books I published, set in the Capitol Hill section of Denver, starring Finny Aletter, a stockbroker who’s decided to take the carpentry skills she’s acquired while restoring her own century-old house and use them to build a new career for herself.  Before she can exit gracefully, her boss and former lover is murdered, and Finny finds herself at the top of the suspects list.  If she can’t convince Denver Police Detective Chris Barelli she’s innocent, she’ll never get to find out if it’s fear or attraction making her heart beat faster whenever he shows up.  And if she can’t discover if a rumored manuscript actually exists, she’ll never escape the world of scavengers.

Obstacle Course finds Finny launching her her house restoration career at a chi-chi party among Denver’s upper-crust but the celebration turns grim when a controversial judge is murdered.  Finny puts carpentry aside for detection when her patron and friend, Twee Garrett, becomes the prime suspect.  Finny’s introduction to the Denver social whirl becomes a fight for survival as she navigates the roadblocks of secrets and lies between her and the truth.

I had fun going through the books again, and I hope you will, too.  If you’d be kind enough to review them, I’ll love you forever.  The books will be coming out at BN, iBooks, and Kobo, as well as Sony, Ingram, and Overdrive over the next couple of months.

Book TwoClick the pictures and see what happens!