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It’s been too long since I’ve posted, but that’s because things have been moving along.  I’ve actually begun the process toward digitizing my mysteries, Scavengers and Obstacle Course.  I’ve sent money and everything.  It should take about three weeks and a little longer for the second, and then I’ll start through the learning curve of getting them both up on sites, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I’ve also decided to make one more attempt to get my first Wisdom Court book, Edge of the Shadow, in front of a publisher.  I’d just about decided to self-publish, but after the excellent panels at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference, I thought that, before I start my own business, which is what self-publishing would be, I’ll give it another shot.  Writing time is at a premium anyway without adding more stuff I’d rather someone else do.  Like publish my book(s).   So, into the breach, my hearties, more polishing, queries, synopses–the activities that build my character (no, not characters, character.)  Have I mentioned how many additions I have on the structure that is my character?  I’ll write a tone poem about it some day.

As for now, since I’m getting sleepy, I will send my best hopes to all you writers out there.  May your manuscripts glow with the care you’ve given them, may agents and publishers wonder where you’ve been all their lives.  As a great writer once said, “Live long and prosper.” Surely Spock wrote as well as he did everything else.  (Ack, I’m trying to get my fingers to separate properly.  Oh, the hell with it.)

Good night.