I’ve been pondering, painful though it is, trying to think of the perfect way to step back into my blog. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, even longer since there’s been any regularity about the process. (Sounds like an ad for dietary issues.)

No magical first sentence has presented itself. Here I stand, teetering on the edge of a Cliff of Clutter (there are many in my house), brain mostly blocked, except for bits of fuzz sprouting from a few corners.

Clearly, I just have to jump.


Okay, I was looking for images of falling writers to illustrate the jumping. I don’t have any such images, not without going through Google and agreeing to their fiddling with my templates, or some such thing, in order for me to access all the pictures. I came across this portrait of a lovely owl, and I’m hoping you’ll try to imagine the owl is unable to fly at the moment because of its sympathetic teetering alongside me on the cliff. Go ahead and add any bits of fuzz you need to heighten the illusion.

Aside: I used to choose Owls of the Day on Facebook, and I love owls, so maybe I’ll get more of them involved as time goes by. Right now the owl and I are going to jump off the edge of the cliff.

Snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus)

For some reason, we’ve fallen into a purple bar extending across the page. WordPress has changed numerous functions while I’ve been absent from the blogosphere, so Goddess knows what I’ve done to get this result. Hmm. A Writer and an Owl walk into a bar. A purple bar. Got any ideas? Maybe a Mai Tai or two? We’ll see what eventuates.

You never can go wrong with an owl. Their subtle balance between grandeur and befuddlement is genuinely fascinating to watch.

Oops, did it again. And we’re not falling anymore. Maybe it was the Mai Tais, which, I must point out, we didn’t get to even taste. Bad form, Google! Or WordPress. Whoever.

Now I’m getting tired. I’ve got words, I’ve got images. I may have gotten some of you (is there anyone out there?) to imagine bits of fuzz. I’m going to count this experience as a return to my blog. Thursday, July 21, 2022: I have returned. Now I need to discover the name of my owl partner and find out if we can work together.

Bonne chance, mes amis! (Ending in a foreign language adds a bit of class, yes?)