I’ve been thinking about spooky stuff (guess why) and happened across a still from the movie Poltergeist. It’s one of my all-time favorite horror films and can to this day give me the big-time creeps. Steven Spielberg and Tobe Hooper do a wonderful job of creating a scare-fest aimed at middle class America. And aren’t we always more afraid of what we know? Or what we think we know?


A happy family living in a beautiful house in suburbia shouldn’t have to worry, right? Don’t bet on it. Where they live and how they came to be in that snug development spark a series of events not of this world, and it all begins when the younger daughter disappears into the great open eye of the television set. Much consternation and fright ensue, shown with fear and wit.

I think this is another movie I have to force my grandkids to see, just to get them in the mood for Halloween. I hope you’ll give it another look, in honor of the holiday. Heh-heh.








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