Breaking News!!! Colorado’s favorite Halloween candy is Milky Way. I say, No Way. Candy corn is the best, yeah, better than all the rest.

Thanks to influenster, https://www.influenster.com we can see what candy rules in a state near you. How is this spooky, you ask? Some of the choices are horrifying! (I’ve never been a Skittles fan.)

According to influenster, the state by state rundown goes like this:

Alabama – AirHeads

Alaska – Snickers

Arizona – Toblerone

Arkansas – Skittles

California – Lifesavers

Colorado – Milky Way

Connecticut – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Delaware – 3 Musketeers

Florida – Nestlé Crunch Bar

Georgia – Pixy Stix              halloweencandy

Hawaii – 100 Grand Bar

Idaho – Butterfinger

Illinois – Snickers

Indiana – Reese’s Pieces

Iowa – Twix

Kansas – Twizzlers

Kentucky – Whoppers

Louisiana – Swedish Fish

Maine – Starburst

Maryland – Almond Joy

Massachusetts – Starburst

Michigan – M&M’s

Minnesota – 100 Grand Bar

Mississippi – Hershey’s Kisses

Missouri – Hershey’s Kisses

Montana – Kit Kat Bar

Nebraska – Skittles

Nevada – Jolly Ranchers

New Hampshire – Tootsie Rolls

New Jersey – Sour Patch Kids

New Mexico – 3 Musketeers

New York – Sweet Tarts

North Carolina – Butterfinger

North Dakota – Sour Patch Kids

Ohio – Milky Way

Oklahoma – M&M’s

Oregon – Candy corn

Pennsylvania – Swedish Fish

Rhode Island – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

South Carolina – Candy corn

South Dakota – Laffy Taffy       hallcandy

Tennessee – Candy corn

Texas – Candy corn

Utah – Nerds

Vermont – Almond Joy

Virginia – Reese’s Pieces

Washington – AirHeads

West Virginia – Oreos

Wisconsin – Laffy Taffy

Wyoming – Candy corn

District of Columbia – Twix

And what about gluten-free Halloween candy? Click on the following link to find this year’s list. Thankfully, it’s a long one.  https://www.verywell.com/gluten-free-candy-list-562806

So what’s your favorite Halloween candy fix? Tell all–or even some–in a
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Thanks to influenster at https://www.influenster.com 

Thanks to VeryWell at https://www.verywell.com