When I was twelve, my mother dropped my cousin and me off at the Boulder Theater to see a movie. A couple of hours for her to run errands, a fun time for me and Rick. Mom wasn’t into movies–except for John Wayne westerns.  She drove off, we bought tickets and candy and went inside. And thus was my future as a writer and generally screwed-up person secured. The movie was Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

I really can’t imagine spooky stuff in general without thinking of Hitchcock. Whatever demons drove him, he was kind enough to share the results with the rest of us. My five favorites of his films, spooky style, are below.

Are you Hitchcock fans? What are your favorites? Remember, if you comment, you’ll be entered in the All In Bad Time drawing at the end of the month. The prize is all three Wisdom Court novels: Edge of the Shadow, A Signal Shown, All In Bad Time, each signed by me.

Have a spooky day.