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Didn’t somebody once say that last-minute ideas are better than no ideas at all? Well, somebody should have.

October begins today. October, the month of monsters and creepy crawlies, the time when the barrier between life and death is at its most permeable. October, when the third Wisdom Court book, All In Bad Time, will be e-published and will also come out as a POD (print on demand) book as well. {Note to writers: this is called burying the lead. Get it? Burying? Oh, never mind.}

Celebrations are in order, wouldn’t you agree? Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate the month with a blog post on each day highlighting a particular aspect of Halloween? Of course it would.

A day could be devoted to favorite scary movies. Or the most terrifying books ever read.  Pictures of the world’s scariest houses could be posted. Or people could submit the most frightening scenes they’d ever read, or their favorite passages from horror novels. Halloween offers many opportunities to wallow in horror.

I will contact fellow writers to see if how many are interested in participating in this loosey-goosey adventure. But I’m counting on you noble readers out there. Will you join in the fun? Each day will have a structure (of sorts) that you can plug into. In the comments section you can share your Halloween favorites. In addition to the camaraderie you’ll share with your fellow readers, each comment you make will enter you in a drawing to to held on October 31. Yes, on Halloween itself. The glorious prize will be a signed set of the Wisdom Court Trilogy: Edge of the Shadow, A Signal Shown, and the brand new All In Bad Time.  Can you stand the excitement?

To get this cart of horror rolling, today I’ll tip my hat to a man who created an indelible, sympathetic portrayal of tragic horror: Boris Karloff in the role of Frankenstein’s monster.

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster, 1931

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster, 1931