Electronic book reader with stack of printed books against green background

Electronic book reader with stack of printed books against green background

The wonderful people who publish my books, ePublishing Works!, have launched a new club for serious readers who like a variety of books and who routinely share reviews at one or more major eBook eRetailers.

eBook Discovery Reviewers can download, for FREE, new and back-list titles written by emerging, award-winning, and well-known NYT/USA Today bestselling authors in exchange for an honest review at any major eBook eRetailer.  Here’s how it works:

1. Reviewers subscribe to eBook Discovery’s Read & Review Club at no cost.

2. About once a week, eBook Discovery will send an email containing information and links to one or more books available for FREE download in exchange for an honest review at a major eRetailer.

3. When the Reviewer finishes a book, s/he will leave an honest review at the major ebook eRetailer of choice.

4. Approximately 15 days after the book is downloaded, eBook Discovery will send, via email, a follow-up survey. There will be one survey sent for each downloaded book.

5. Completing a survey enters the Reviewer into eBook Discovery’s monthly drawing for a $25 gift-card. The gift-cards can be used at 100’s of stores.

Cool deal, right? Here’s a link for you who may want to become eBook Discovery Reviewers.   http//bit.ly/JoinReadAndReview

Join the glamorous world of reading and reviewing. Thrill authors everywhere with your responses to their work. Possibly win gift-cards. This is such a deal, right?

I can’t wait to read your reviews of my work–but hold your horses! There are other writers out there, some of you non-ePW authors who I know will be interested in submitting books to the Club. During the launch period, the program will be free to all authors.  That will change after the launch period. Interested?

Go to: http//bit.ly/ReadReviewClub

See you at the Club!