Although it made me very happy.

I’ve been busy-busy reviewing the e-formatted manuscript of my first mystery, Scavengers.  Thanks to the wonderful work of Nina Paules of eBook Prep, thiswas not an ordeal.  Since I always have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the next new thing, at least technologically speaking, I did whimper a bit and had to be sweet-talked into opening the files, but it all worked out.  And soon, gentle readers, my first foray into mysteries will be available at various venues.  My second mystery, Obstacle Course, will be next.  More about this later.

I’m also very near the point of sending off queries again for my current work, Edge of the Shadow, the first of the Wisdom Court paranormal novels.  Several good souls have read the manuscript, made corrections & suggestions, which I’ve noted and included.  I’ve almost finished the final nit-picky part and am printing it out, so it won’t be long.  It’s my goal to then get back to the second Wisdom Court novel, A Signal Shown, and finish it.  That won’t happen before the end of the year, but that’s okay.

I told you I’ve been busy-busy.  And now it’s time to hunt for a recipe for gluten-free fruit cake.  I am one of the few hardy souls who love fruit cake.  And now I can’t eat the real McCoy.  So, since last year’s recipe was a disappointment, I’ll try again.  Soon, so I’ll have time to soak it with brandy.  Or maybe I’ll just drink the brandy, and then try the fruit cake.  It’ll work.