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…almost a month has passed!  This is not how one takes over the world through blogging.  But it’s summer, and time has taken on the illusory consistency of syrup, flowing slowly, allowing moments for nurturing flowers (along with the weeding!).  And visits from relatives (along with catching up on chores so no one finds out how slovenly my life is!).  Ambition stumbles over notions of lying in a lawn chair.  The brain begins to hum golden oldies and eyelids lock at half-mast.  Even reading slows as really pondering the written word requires unlocking those lids to escape from the sun’s rays.

Huh?  Where was I?  Oh, yeah, so I’m still totally going to take over the world through blogging, but we had some bodacious thunder storms last night and the sky’s getting cloudy.  Maybe I ought to turn off the computer in case of lightning and find a comfy, safe spot with the dachshunds until we know for sure about possible weather events.  We could think about the importance of such things, and maybe catch a few zzzzzs.

Yeah, that sounds good.