I just finished the last dot-the-Ts, cross-the-Is revision.  320 pages of deathless prose.  EDGE OF THE SHADOW is a lovely pile of pages.  And the ongoing tradition I’ve always had was played out again today: every single time I’ve completed a book, something’s gone wrong with the printer during the last gasp.  This time it was the toner that ran out two chapters short of a complete print-out.  I have no idea why this should be so but I’m almost awed that something similar has occurred every damned time.  Continuity is a humbling force.

Now I will foist my literary child upon those kind souls who’ve agreed to read it and give me honest feedback, bless them.  I’ll have time to figure out my step-by-step plan to publication.  That means getting my two mysteries formatted for e-book phase, and determining how to go about getting the previously mentioned EOS into print, be it electrons or ink or both.  Research!

For right now, I’m quietly happy to have it done.  It’s taken a long time but I still love it, now more than ever.  I’ve had a lot of fun researching ghosts and their haunting ways.  Sitting in my third-story study, I’ve more than once heard strange sounds and found myself frightened by the words I’ve just typed.  Heh-heh.  Good times.