Writing a blog–like dieting and other self-improvement projects–begins with good intentions but falters now and again as life staggers onward.  My current update is that I continue to work on the beloved last chapter. I’ve made progress, but, to quote Louisa May Alcott, all is not yet in “apple pie order.” Let’s just say I can smell the cinnamon.

Whilst I’ve been working the world has turned to almost-spring. Tiny shoots are reaching skyward, and soon I will be able to wonder what the hell I planted hither and yon across the yard. My granddaughter’s school sold bulbs as a fundraiser last fall, and I was generous. I’d not heard of some of the flowers, so it’s unlikely that I’ll remember their names as they appear. I’m just pleased that the squirrels didn’t eat them all.

This morning our camera-shy bluejay swooped in for seed, then drank from the birdbath with great gusto. Some say jays are obnoxious birds, but I enjoy their various calls. And they’re so colorful, especially now, before the trees leaf out and the flowers bloom. The bird feeder we installed last spring has given us much entertainment. We mostly have sparrows dining at “Just Bring Your Beak,” but chickadees and the occasional robin stop for a bite as well. I’ve yearned over the years for hummingbirds to visit, but despite honeysuckle vines growing in front of the porch, they never have. Hummingbird moths used to arrive every summer, but I haven’t seen them for several years.

Now I must turn away from Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses,/A box where sweets compacted lie. [George Herbert] and get back to work. 

May your springtime renew your spirits.