Author Carol Caverly joined me last week in a gabfest about writing and reading, along with publishing and making the most of the internet tools now available to writers.  We shared a great deal of information while laughing at the difficulties we’ve both had with some of those tools.

I’ve been tiptoeing around FaceBook and Twitter, and LinkedIn and Gmail+ for months while tripping over such simple tasks as getting a widget or two on this blog.  Every time I try something new or try to get one link to communicate with another, I end up with my nose pressed against a brick wall.  Learning that Carol has experienced some of the same frustrations not only made me feel better, it gave me some perspective as well as several ideas.

I could use Writer in the Garret as a way to explore my adventures with the new tools available to me even as I continue to work on my current project.  I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my writing process since I was first published, and I could write about that here.  And, just maybe, I could have some fun doing it.

I don’t have many followers so far, but as soon as I figure out the widgets I need to hook up with my FaceBook and Twitter accounts, perhaps that number will grow.  It’s been a long time since I was published, but the act of writing hasn’t changed much between times.  My shiny IMac is much easier to use than that electric typewriter I started with, but I’m still typing, and I’m still hanging out with my characters.

So here’s an invitation to you:  If you’re one of us, someone who’s trying to figure out your process, join the conversation Carol Caverly and I began last week.  By the way, I figured out how to tell you a way to get at least one of Carol’s books.  And I avoided bumping my nose into that brick wall while I figured it out.